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  • Sarah Martin

Have a sustainable summer

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Simple swaps to reduce your impact this summer

Summer is a time of festivals, picnics and outdoor eating. Here in Topsham this is taken to another level during the biannual celebration of Nello’s Longest Table. In a true feat of community spirit, around 350 tables will sit end to end, forming a continuous table spanning the length of Topsham Fore Street, around Topsham Quay, and down Ferry Road, past the Underway to the Passage Inn.

It is so easy, as the sunshine warms our winter sodden brains, to go for the most convenient options – single use plates, cutlery and glasses, to cut down on the washing up and the bother of taking our waste home with us. Most of us will find a bin, but as seen in Exmouth recently, a lot of litter doesn’t quite find its way to the appropriate recycling point or litter bin.We want to be able to go home from a fantastic event with the great feeling that our revelry hasn’t damaged our planet. Topsham has its very own zero waste store, Nourish and here are their summer swaps to make outdoor events more sustainable this year. IN fact, since most of the swaps are for reusable products, you will be able to have years of plastic free summers!

Beach waste after the Mayday bank holiday

In your picnic bag, make sure you have these easy replacements for single use plastic items:

A stainless steel straw, an insulated bottle, bamboo or metal cutlery, a metal pint mug (essential for outside bars!), a plate and a reusable mug should see you through almost all picnics, festivals and days out this summer!

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